Stay Strong

Navigating the unimaginable 

We began YangonBakehouse with the belief that strong women make strong communities.

Never has that been more tested than now.

Year 2020 was unexpected with a worldwide pandemic. Year 2021 brought the unimaginable: a military coup that changed the fabric of life in Myanmar. As a result, we are unable to continue our training program and operations. A small group


For ten years, we've been blessed with the support, help, and kindness of the diverse community in Yangon. We've overcome many challenges and our customers, partners, and donors have been right with us. Our team, almost all Myanmar and majority women, have been amazing. And, all the women who have gone through our training programs humble us with their determination to learn new skills and re-write their stories. We had the honor of training over 150 women. These women and their families lives were changed. 

A small team from YangonBakehouse has launched a cafe offering fresh, healthy food in the spirit of what the Bakehouse was known for.


This cafe is currently located at the corner of Link Lane and Dhamazedi Road above the Wine Warehouse and can be found on Door2Door, currently under the YangonBakehouse brand. You can contact the new cafe via email or mobile at 09-797-008-018


We hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

Thank you, friends of the Bakehouse. We love you all!


Founded in 2011, YangonBakehouse's mission was to make a difference in the lives of women and their families, communities, and the greater economny. 


Inspired by women who have come before us, we believe strong women make strong communities. 


Our apprentice program, internships & team culture placed a premium on women being economically empowered, educated, and active in society.