Looking Forward

We've been blessed with the support, help, and kindness of the diverse community in Yangon over the past eight years. We've overcome many challenges and our customers, partners, and donors have been right with us. Our team, almost all Myanmar and majority women, are amazing. And, all the women who have gone through our training programs humble us with their determination to learn new skills and re-write their stories. 

Year 2020 was unexpected. As a social business with a training program to support, the revenue loss of our retail and catering requires us to change or to close. We've decided to change.


Our flagship cafe @ Pearl Condo will close on 1 January 2021. We will continue with delivery of a range of menu items. We'll offer catering when people can gather safely again. We are seeking new wholesale relationships so you can find us in retail locations. Most importantly, our empowerment of women will continue. We have paused our past training program and are working on an exciting project with a partner. More to come! 

Finally, we've restructured our leadership as some of our original directors move on. Kelly Macdonald and Heatherly Bucher will be exploring new activities. Phyu Phyu Tin and Cavelle Dove will continue to provide oversight and leadership for the Bakehouse.

Thank you, friends of the Bakehouse.